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Centre for Catchment and Coastal Research

Storm battering the seaside resort of Borth.

The Centre for Catchment and Coastal Research brings together complementary expertise in terrestrial and marine research, to create effective mass for novel and substantial pure/applied research outputs. These will inform better management decisions for the sustainability of water resources and quality, of river systems, and of the coastal/shelf environment in Wales, in the UK and throughout the world.

CCCR will develop its research programmes in concert with the Natural Environment Research Council's developing science strategy (2007-2012) and the objectives of the Wales Spatial Plan. CCCR will develop research programmes that will provide environmental managers with the knowledge to:

Strategic Objectives

  1. Integrate spatial management and development of the marine environment and inland waters to maximise and sustain the maritime potential of Wales
  2. Manage point and diffuse pollution sources to reduce contamination in soils, sediments and water, leading to enhanced protection and quality of landscapes, habitats, and ecosystems from river catchments to the edge of the continental shelf
  3. Develop strategies, tools and models to improve understanding of environmental and socio-economic impacts of climate change on catchments and coastal zones, including flood risk, sea level change, and increased storminess

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