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Collaborative and Shared Services

We are committed to enhancing the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of our services and our joint working is a key facilitating tool in achieving this. Our approach is varied and includes developing common processes, sharing good practice and expertise, supporting each other in implementing new systems and procurement.

A range of staff in support services are collaborating in order to deliver enhanced capacity and quality, including:

  • Careers and Employability – through cooperative approaches to employability.
  • Audit and Risk – such as the joint procurement of audit services providers
  • Governance – joint training and development activities
  • Human Resources & Staff Development – on a broad range of operational and developmental matters.
  • Estates and Facilities – on operational matters and energy management.
  • Welsh Language Services – including the adoption by Aberystwyth of Bangor’s pioneering “Cyfeithyn” memory translation system.
  • Policy Development – including developing a common metholodology for the development and approval of policies
  • Consultancy Services – through the establishment of a joint company and development of common policies.

Delivering diverse high quality services in Universities the size of Aberystwyth and Bangor is a real challenge and we see the shared services approach as key to addressing that challenge. It needs to work alongside internal programmes of enhancement.

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