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Management of Change at Aberystwyth University

The Project Management and Change Unit supports the planning and delivery of a wide range of change projects at Aberystwyth University.  

Types of projects range from those that are completed within a few weeks, to larger activities such as capital developments, large-scale entrepreneurial activities, information systems and internal reviews of processes and procedures. 

The PMCU also provides advice on all aspects of project management and are working towards developing project management capabilities across the University.

The PMCU plays an instrumental role in helping to facilitate the adoption of project outputs and deliverables, and preparing the university for change.  The people risks of a project must be given consideration, or else the risks may result in resistance, apathy and a lack of commitment to the project.  Effective change management will therefore help an organisation to actually receive the benefits it expected from the project.

PMCU endeavours to integrate project management processes with change management principles to increase the chances of project success.  This integration involves both the hard skills around managing project budgets and timelines, and the softer skills involving people, perceptions and relationships throughout the project lifecycle.

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